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BACKGROUND The present investigation was designed to obtain an absolute measurement of myocardial blood flow and of its transmural distribution in ischemic heart disease and idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy and to provide a reference standard for cardiac imaging in nuclear cardiology. METHODS AND RESULTS Regional myocardial blood flow and its transmural(More)
The diagnosis of brain abscess is often difficult, as the clinical symptoms are not specific. Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are highly sensitive, but different cerebral lesions, especially neoplasms, can have the same ring-like contrast enhancement. Brain abscess is a severe illness requiring rapid diagnosis to choose the(More)
The recent availability of a Tyr3-substituted octreotide (SDZ 204-090) for radioiodination has allowed somatostatin (SRIH) receptor binding to be studied in vivo, and receptor-positive tumors of different origins to be visualized with a gamma-camera. This prompted us to investigate whether this compound could be used for external imaging of functionless(More)
Seventy-eight patients, 47 with Crohn's disease and 31 with ulcerative colitis, were studied using 99mTc-HMPAO-labelled leukocytes, in order to assess the reliability of the scan in evaluating the location and activity of the disease. The granulocyte integrity was assessed by evaluating the lung wash-out and the early liver and spleen uptake using a 20(More)
Continuous carotid infusion of short-lived krypton-81m (t1/2 13 sec) yields an assessment of regional cerebral perfusion. This assessment can be obtained in three dimensions if activity is recorded with a rotating gamma camera and a computer to reconstruct krypton-81m distribution in tomographic sections. These showed several advantages over conventional(More)
BACKGROUND Many factors have been considered in the pathogenesis of HIV-related Thrombocytopenia (HIV-rel TP): immunological destruction, retroviral infection of megakaryocytes and altered reticulo-endothelial function. Nevertheless the pathogenesis is still controversial. MATERIALS AND METHODS We reviewed 52 patients (all intravenous drug users) with(More)
BACKGROUND Experimental data demonstrate the persistence of a transmural vasodilator reserve in the face of depressed resting myocardial perfusion. The present study was designed to determine whether resting myocardial hypoperfusion indicates exhausted coronary reserve (CR). METHODS AND RESULTS Fifteen patients with stable angina, isolated left anterior(More)