Franco Ronchetti

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Hearing threshold has been measured in a group of patients following cochlear implantation with a Clarion device for the last eight years. The patients had received either a pre-curved carrier or the Hi-Focus I plus Electrode Positioner System (EPS). The assessment was carried out within the first post-operative week as well as at a later stage, between six(More)
Vestibular schwannoma may present as a sporadic or genetically-based multi-localized benign neoplasm of the internal auditory canal and/or cerebello-pontine angle region. Multiple localization is generally regarded as genetic in origin and often affects the stato-acoustic bundle on both sides. A case of double vestibular schwannoma localized on the same(More)
—Face recognition is a topic of great interest in different areas, especially those related to security. The identification of a person by the image of her face is a difficult task because of changes experienced by the face due to various factors, such as facial expression, aging and even the lighting. This paper presents a new face recognition technique(More)
Human action recognition fromskeletal data is an important and active area of research in which the state of the art has not yet achieved near-perfect accuracy on many wellknown datasets. In this paper, we introduce the Distribution of Action Movements Descriptor, a novel action descriptor based on the distribution of the directions of the motions of the(More)
Electronystagmography is one of the most widely used diagnostic studies for detecting balance dysfunction. There are various methods that can be used to carry out this diagnostic test, gyratory stimulation being the least invasive and most physiological for the patient. The procedure is based on measuring (analyzing) eye movements in search of certain(More)
The transcription factors c-Fos and c-Jun have been described to be overexpressed following many pathological stimuli, but whether they are required for neurodegeneration or neuroprotection is still open. In the present report, we analyzed the role of c-Fos and c-Jun proteins in Purkinje cell degeneration caused by the neurotoxin MPTP(More)
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