Franco Robledo

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In this paper we present the GoalBit platform. GoalBit is the first open source peer-to-peer system for the distribution of real-time video streams through the Internet. The main advantage of a P2P architecture is the possibility of exploiting the available bandwidth unused by the set of user' hosts connected to the network. The main difficulty is that(More)
—This paper introduces a Combinatory Optimization Problem (COP) which captures the performance in cooperation of a P2P Streaming Network, considered at the buffer level. A new family of strategies of cooperation is defined, which represents the order of query of pieces in a communication between peers. We define a measure of quality for each strategy, based(More)
—We propose a mathematical model to minimize the expected download time of cloud assisted Peer-to-Peer video on demand services. First, we define a simple fluid model that quantifies the evolution of peers, which are grouped into different classes regarding the number of concurrent video downloads. Then, analytical expressions for the expected download time(More)
This paper explores the design of a P2P architecture that sends real-time video over the Internet. The aim is to provide good quality levels in a highly dynamic P2P topology, where the frequent connections/disconnections of the nodes makes it difficult to offer the Quality-of-Experience (QoE) needed by the client. We study a multi-source streaming approach(More)
In this paper, a Cooperative Network Game (CNG) is introduced. In this game, all players have the same goal: display a video content in real time, with no cuts and low buffering time. Inspired in cooperation and symmetry, all players should apply the same strategy, resulting in a fair play. For each strategy we shall define a score, and the search of the(More)