Franco Quaranta

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From the thermo-hygrometrical perspective, some ship compartments are undoubtedly considered severe hot environments due to high temperature values, such as the engine room and, depending on external conditions, cargo holds and storage areas. Such peculiarity further increases already high stress levels related to awkward work postures, lack of space and(More)
A new device for the assessment of instantaneous angular and linear accelerations of the head is presented, which is based on four linear tri-axial accelerometers suitably attached to the head by an helmet. A procedure for reproducible helmet placement and calibration is given. A method is also illustrated to work out the different linear accelerations(More)
Two experimental monitoring campaigns were carried out in 2012 to investigate the air quality in the port of Naples, the most important in southern Italy for traffic of passengers and one of the most important for goods. Therefore, it represents an important air pollution source located close to the city of Naples. The concentrations of sulfur dioxide(More)
The development of maritime transportation has increased the territorial role and the socio-economic relevance of harbors. But, at the same time, it has worsened the environmental impact of the maritime operations on ports and surrounding - often highly inhabited - areas, particularly in the Mediterranean. Since ships at berth need a certain amount of(More)
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