Franco Papandrea

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The Power Quality (PQ) issues are here assessed from an experimental point of view concerning the grid-connected PhotoVoltaic (PV) systems. After an introduction to the new regulations for smart grid connection in presence of Distributed Generators, the work concentrates the attention on a variety of power inverters both in normal and in unusual operation.(More)
Exposure to respirable cristalline silica dust during construction activities can cause silicosis and, in accordance with International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), even lung cancer. Among the different facets of construction, residential buildings are of particular interest because the lack of exposure data for workers employed. In this sector a(More)
This paper shows that the standard result according to which labour-managed firms produce a lower amount of output, as compared to profit-maximising firms, is reversed if production per se gives utility and the workers’ membership of labour-managed firms is set prior to market decisions. Under the same hypotheses, the labour-managed firms set a higher(More)
Refractory ceramic fibre concentrations were measured during renewal of the insulation lining of a turbine located in a large power plant. Personal and stationary samples were collected during operations, which involved installing and ripping out standard and pre-coated and pre-shaped ceramic fibre blankets. Operation-length average (OLA) and TWA exposure(More)
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