Franco Orellana

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Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is a minimally invasive procedure for diagnosis and treatment of biliary and pancreatic disease that even in expert hands can have complications in 2%–10% of cases, with mortality rates of 0.5%–1% [1,2]. Pancreatitis, cholangitis, perforation, and bleeding from papillotomy have been the most frequently(More)
Retroperitoneal cystic tumors are uncommon. More than two thirds are malignant. Benign lesions include lipomas and leiomyomas, among others. Bronchogenic cysts are congenital anomalies that result from an abnormal budding of the primitive foregut, and are most commonly found in the mediastinum. Occasionally they can be seen in the skin, subcutaneous tissue,(More)
One of the most common causes of external pancreatic fistula is the iatrogenic manipulation of a complex pancreatic fluid collection concomitantly associated with a disconnected pancreatic duct [1,2]. This situation can lead to the development of a high output (up to 400mL/d) external pancreatic fistula that is difficult to manage and sometimes requires(More)
Review of 208 patients with bacterial meningitis, admitted from march 1, 1971 to march 1, 1976. Incidence peak was found in Winter (december to march). Etiologically N. meningitiditis, 39, 9%, was the mainly predominate germ. In 49% of the patients C.S.F. cultures were negative, significantly influenced by the previous treatment with antibiotics (P less(More)
An analysis of data on Salmonella infection treated at the Children's Hospital "La Fe", in Valencia, from 1974--75 is presentd. A patient population of 211 selected cases were divided into two groups: Gastroenteritis (GEC), 155 cases, and typhoid-paratyphoid fever (T-P F), 56 cases. Hospitalization was required in 79% of the cases. The following parameter(More)
The clinical records of 185 cases of Salmonellosis have been reviewed retrospectively, in order to study a relation between the evolution and the treatment given, so as to be able to determine the therapeutic criteria. 139 cases showed as gastroenteritis, 48 of which received antibiotic treatment and 91 did not. Statistic differences were observed in favour(More)
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