Franco Marabelli

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—One– and two-dimensional photonic crystals are obtained by electron beam lithography and reactive ion etching on silicon-on-insulator waveguides. Variable-angle reflectance is measured and calculated in the 0.2–2-eV energy range, giving evidence of the quasi-guided modes of the photonic structure. Photonic bands in the one-dimensional case are determined(More)
Biosensing technologies based on plasmonic nanostructures have recently attracted significant attention due to their small dimensions, low-cost and high sensitivity but are often limited in terms of affinity, selectivity and stability. Consequently, several methods have been employed to functionalize plasmonic surfaces used for detection in order to(More)
Recently the demand dramatically grew up for portable biosensors, providing an on-site multi-parametric measurement. Present instruments, however, are limited by large size and consumption (which prevents portability) and costs (which prevents their usage in some Countries). In this paper, we propose a compact and portable device based on a nano-structured(More)
In the last decade the need for portable Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) biosensors capable of on-site simultaneous multiple assays increased steadily. Several devices are available affected, however, by limitations in terms of costs, size, complexity and portability. A compact low-cost SPRi biosensor based on a novel method for multi-analyte detection is(More)
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