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In recent years we have seen the development of efficient provably correct algorithms for learning Weighted Finite Automata (WFA). Most of these algorithms avoid the known hardness results by defining parameters beyond the number of states that can be used to quantify the complexity of learning automata under a particular distribution. One such class of(More)
In this paper we study spectral learning methods for non-deterministic split head-automata grammars, a powerful hidden-state formalism for dependency parsing. We present a learning algorithm that, like other spectral methods, is efficient and non-susceptible to local minima. We show how this algorithm can be formulated as a technique for inducing hidden(More)
We derive a spectral method for unsupervised learning of Weighted Context Free Grammars. We frame WCFG induction as finding a Han-kel matrix that has low rank and is linearly constrained to represent a function computed by inside-outside recursions. The proposed algorithm picks the grammar that agrees with a sample and is the simplest with respect to the(More)
Unambiguous Non-Terminally Separated (UNTS) grammars have properties that make them attractive for grammatical inference. However, these properties do not state the maximal performance they can achieve when they are evaluated against a gold treebank that is not produced by an UNTS grammar. In this paper we investigate such an upper bound. We develop a(More)
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