Franco Lullo

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OBJECTIVE The number of patients in prolonged postanoxic vegetative state (VS) is increasing. However, little information is available about prognostic markers of long-term outcome in patients who remain in VS more than 1 month postonset. The present 2-year prospective clinical study aimed to identify prognostic markers, recorded in the chronic phase, that(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to characterize sympathetic adrenergic innervation of the skin in healthy subjects using dopamine beta hydroxylase (DbetaH) as a specific marker for noradrenergic fibers. METHODS Sympathetic adrenergic innervation of human skin was studied in 10 healthy subjects by indirect immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy(More)
We studied orthodromic sensory conduction velocity along the distal and proximal segments of the median and ulnar nerves by tactile stimulation of the distal phalanx of the 3rd and 5th digits in 44 healthy subjects divided into 2 age groups: from 16 to 35 years and from 63 to 81 years. In the same nerves, we used selective electrical stimulation of the(More)
– During human walking, the muscle activity of the lower extremities needs to be well coordinated to provide support, dynamic balance, propulsion, and foot clearance. Clinical aspects of patients who are hemiplegic as a result of stroke vary according to the damaged region of brain tissue, its size, and the cause of damage. Functional recovery of limb(More)