Franco Guidi-Polanco

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This work presents a mediated planning model for the scheduling of trip requests under a passenger transportation system. The approach is based on the contract net protocol plus a bids-filtering process. For the implementation was used an agent framework that can be easily extended to build different types of trips planning systems. Finally, our model with(More)
Demand-responsive transpart services are systems that assign users ’ specific transport requests to d$ ferent vehicles enabled to firf;ll the required service. In order to contain costs, maximize profits or get a higher service level, different planning algorithms huve been described in literature. In our work we propose a multi-agent architecture, which(More)
This work presents the MADARP agent architecture, devoted to the implementation of passenger transportation systems. It provides a set of base agents that perform the basic interface, planning and support services for managing different types of transportation requests by using an heterogeneous fleet. The agent use allows to easily adapt the architecture to(More)
During the development of multiagent systems, the way agents communicate depends exclusively on the development platform of choice, each platform having its advantages and disadvantages. This work regards the integration of GPP, which is an agent development platform, and JXTA, which provides a network protocol, getting a peer-to-peer network architecture(More)