Franco Gandolfi

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Large animal models provide useful data for pre-clinical research including regenerative medicine. However whereas the derivation of tissue specific stem cells has been successful. pluripotent stem cells so far have been difficult to obtain in these species. A possible alternative could be direct reprogramming but this has only been described in mouse and(More)
Complaining behaviour is a topic that has not been studied much in South America. Considering this, the aim of this investigation was to determine the customers complaining behaviour of a South American country, Chile. To do so, a survey was done, which was applied to a random sample of 498 Chileans. Results show that Chileans do not consider complaining as(More)
In the presence of different environmental cues that are able to trigger specific responses, a given genotype has the ability to originate a variety of different phenotypes. This property is defined as plasticity and allows cell fate definition and tissue specialization. Fundamental epigenetic mechanisms drive these modifications in gene expression and(More)
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