Franco Fontana

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AIMS To assess whether vitamin D levels at birth were associated with risk of having type 1 diabetes up to 10 years of age and the potential modifier effect of ethnic group. METHODS The Piedmont Diabetes Registry and the Newborn Screening Regional data were linked to identify cases (n = 67 incident children aged ≤10 years at diabetes onset, 2002-2012) and(More)
We describe a framework for multivalued segmentation and demonstrate that some of the problems affecting common region-based algorithms can be overcome by integrating statistical and topological methods in a nonlinear fashion. We address the sensitivity to parameter setting, the difficulty with handling global contextual information, and the dependence of(More)
This work is aimed at developing an innovative simulation environment supporting and improving the design of standard joint implants (JPD integrated design environment (JIDE)). The conceptual workflow starts from the design of a new implant, by using conventional CAD programmes and completes with the generation of a report that summarises the goodness for a(More)
This paper presents an overview of the COVIRA project, AIM Project No. 2003. The COVIRA consortium has been performing research in the area of Multimodality Image Analysis, with a focus on. Registration and Segmentation. Together with results in the areas of Visualization, User Interface, Digital Anatomy Atlas, Conformal 3D Radiation Therapy Planning, and(More)
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