Franco Dassi

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The authors report nine cases of small bowel obstruction due to phytobezoars, observed from January 1982 to October 1991. The main factors in the pathogenesis of phytobezoars, particularly alimentary habits and previous gastric surgery, are considered. In five patients the operation, always performed in emergency, consisted in a longitudinal enterotomy. In(More)
Many applications heavily rely on piecewise triangular meshes to describe complex surface geometries. High-quality meshes significantly improve numerical simulations. In practice, however, one often has to deal with several challenges. Some regions in the initial mesh may be overrefined, others too coarse. Additionally, the triangles may be too thin or not(More)
We generalize the higher embedding approach proposed in Lévy and Bonneel (2013) to generate an adapted mesh matching the intrinsic directionalities of an assigned function. In more detail, the original embedding map between the physical (lower dimensional) and the embedded (higher dimensional) setting is modified to include information associated with the(More)
The authors, in the period from Jan. 1980 to Dec. 1990, observed 67 patients with tumor located in the head of pancreas and 27 patient with periampullary tumors. These included 18 tumors originated from the ampulla of Vater and 9 from distal common bile duct. Operability rate ranged from 62.6% pancreatic carcinoma to 94.4% tumors of ampulla, according to(More)
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