Franco Crivellari

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In the last decade, the importance of analyzing information management systems logs has grown, because log data constitute a relevant aspect in evaluating the quality of such systems. A review of 10 years of research on log analysis is presented in this paper. About 50 papers and posters from five major conferences and about 30 related journal papers have(More)
This article reports the findings of a user study conducted in the context of the TELplus project to gain insights about user needs and preferences for the digital library services offered by The European Library Web portal. The user requirements collection for the Web portal was designed by adopting a comprehensive survey approach. This combined explicit(More)
In recent years, the importance of log analysis has grown, log data constitute a relevant aspect in the evaluation process of the quality of a digital library system. In this paper, we address the problem of log analysis for complex systems such as digital library systems, and how the analysis of search query logs or Web logs is not sufficient to study(More)
The study of cross-lingual Information Retrieval Systems (IRSs) and a deep analysis of system performances should provide guidelines, hints, and directions to drive the design and development of the next generation MultiLingual Information Access (MLIA) systems. In addition, effective tools for interpreting and comparing the experimental results should be(More)
Surf Canyon has developed real-time implicit personalization technology for web search and implemented the technology in a browser extension that can dynamically modify search engine results pages (Google, Yahoo!, and Live Search). A combination of explicit (queries, reformulations) and implicit (clickthroughs, skips, page reads, etc.) user signals are used(More)