Franco Caron

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The paper deals with risk analysis and management in the realisation of process plants by engineering and contracting companies. Specifically, a new analytical methodology is developed to manage the typical risks of plant commissioning. Following a detailed study of the commissioning process and its criticalities, Hazop is selected as the most suitable(More)
The paper proposes a robust Bayesian approach to support the replacement policy of low-pressure cast-iron pipelines used in metropolitan gas distribution networks by the assessment of their probability of failure. In this respect, after the identification of the factors leading to failure, the main problem is the historical data on failures, which is(More)
This article presents the theoretical foundations of a multisensor data fusion system for land vehicle positioning in the framework of the transferable belief model (TBM) applied on reals. Based on this model and using credal inference, a method similar to Fisher's fiducial inference, each source of information produces some belief on the parameter of(More)
This paper proposes a risk based approach in order to obtain a quantitative estimate of the salience of the stakeholders involved in a project. The integration between stakeholders and risk management processes in the Project Management System allows us to realize a twofold objective: a quantitative estimate of the salience of each stakeholder in terms of(More)
The paper describes a simulation approach based on Saaty’s Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to assess the probability of winning in sealed auctions where competing bids are assessed on a multiple criteria basis. It deals with the uncertainty associated with subjective and multiple assessments. Deuxième Congrès International Franco-Québécois de Génie(More)
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