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Effect of new berberine derivatives on colon cancer cells.
The natural alkaloid berberine has been recently described as a promising anticancer drug. In order to improve its efficacy and bioavailability, several derivatives have been designed and synthesizedExpand
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Biophysical studies on the effect of the 13 position substitution of the anticancer alkaloid berberine on its DNA binding.
The structural effects and thermodynamics of the DNA binding of six berberine analogues with alkyl chains of varying length and a terminal phenyl group at the C-13 position were investigated. All theExpand
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Multiple Effects of Berberine Derivatives on Colon Cancer Cells
The pharmacological use of the plant alkaloid berberine is based on its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties; recently, anticancer activity has been attributed to this compound. To exploitExpand
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Antitumor effect of novel berberine derivatives in breast cancer cells.
Breast cancer is the most common malignancy and the most common cause of cancer death in elderly women. Chemoprevention with dietary compounds and their synthetic analogs has emerged as an attractiveExpand
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New 13-pyridinealkyl berberine analogues intercalate to DNA and induce apoptosis in HepG2 and MCF-7 cells through ROS mediated p53 dependent pathway: biophysical, biochemical and molecular modeling
A new series of 13-pyridinealkyl berberine analogues was synthesized and their DNA binding efficacy studied by employing spectroscopic, calorimetric and molecular modeling techniques. Analogues withExpand
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Synthesis of new 13-diphenylalkyl analogues of berberine and elucidation of their base pair specificity and energetics of DNA binding
A series of 13-diphenylalkyl berberine derivatives were designed and synthesized, and their base specificity and energetics of DNA binding were evaluated using one natural and two synthetic DNAExpand
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Spectroscopic studies on the binding interaction of novel 13-phenylalkyl analogs of the natural alkaloid berberine to nucleic acid triplexes.
In this study we have characterized the capability of six 13-phenylalkyl analogs of berberine to stabilize nucleic acid triplex structures, poly(rA)⋅2poly(rU) and poly(dA)⋅2poly(dT). BerberineExpand
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