Franco Blanchini

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We face the problem of determining a tracking domain of attraction, say the set of initial states starting from which it is possible to track reference signals in given class, for discrete-time systems with control and state constraints. We show that the tracking domain of attraction is exactly equal to the domain of attraction, say the set of states which(More)
In this paper, we investigate the problem of designing a switching compensator for a plant switching amongst a (finite) family of given configurations (<i>A</i> <sub>i</sub>,<i>B</i> <sub>i</sub>,<i>C</i> <sub>i</sub>). We assume that switching is uncontrolled, namely governed by some arbitrary switching rule, and that the controller has the information of(More)
In this paper the indoor wireless localization problem is addressed both from the theoretical and application standpoints. The main result of the paper is on the theoretical side: the topological definition of regular and irregular nodes is introduced, and formal results are presented to support regularity as a desirable network property for the attainment(More)
In this paper, exponential stabilizability of continuous-time positive switched systems is investigated. For two-dimensional systems, exponential stabilizability by means of a switching control law can be achieved if and only if there exists a Hurwitz convex combination of the (Metzler) system matrices. In the higher dimensional case, it is shown by means(More)