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BACKGROUND Lipomatous medulloblastoma is a recently identified clinicopathological entity, characterized by areas of lipomatous differentiation, manifestation in adults, and apparently by a favorable prognosis. MATERIAL AND METHODS In our series of medulloblastomas of adults and children we have found lipidized cells within the tumor in 6 out of 78 cases(More)
"Tumour-to-tumour" phenomenon is a rare event; meningioma has been reported as the most common primary intracranial tumour to harbour metastases, the majority of which arise from breast and lung carcinomas. Several hypotheses have been previously proposed to explain this occurrence, but the exact mechanisms responsible for the development of metastases in(More)
The function of elastic elements of the vessel wall is to produce a tension suitable to resist the distension strength made by blood pressure. By producing a modification in the morphologic and structural configuration of such elastic elements, it is possible to obtain changes of the elastic resistance of the wall. The paper reports the histological and(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to verify the presence of angiographic vasospasm in patients with transcranial Doppler (TCD) of high velocities after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). METHODS Seven hundred and eighty-six cases admitted within 48 hours after SAH due to the rupture of anterior circulation aneurysm, were prospectively studied with TCD. In(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify the safety and clinical use of non-invasive high-voltage electrical stimulation (HVES) in patients with compressive radiculopathy. To test the feasibility of HVES to survey nerve root function during lumbosacral surgery. METHODS In 20 patients undergoing lumbosacral surgery for degenerative spinal diseases, compound muscle action(More)
Cystic acoustic neuromas are less frequent than solid ones and present different clinical and radiological features. Cystic schwannomas are larger, show a shorter clinical history and a different risk of postoperative complications. This study was designed to compare surgical results and complications of solid and cystic vestibular schwannomas of matching(More)
A series of experiments has been carried out with the aim of determining the temperature distribution in nervous tissues after coagulation, vaporization and cutting, using electrosurgical unit (monopolar mode and bipolar mode) and laser beam (CO2, Argon and Nd:YAG). It was found that, at a surface distance of 2 mm from the heated point, the superficial(More)
The best management of patients with brain metastases from an unknown primary tumour is still unclear, as data are scarce and studies are retrospective. We report 33 patients with biopsy-proven brain metastases from a primary tumour not found at the first investigations, who were treated by surgery and/or radiotherapy and followed with serial CT until(More)
Controlled hypotension with nitroglycerin has been used n 30 neurosurgical procedures for aneurysms clipping, artero-veinous malformations, cerebral vascularised tumours and in some cases in the course of serial carotido-cerebral angiography. Farmacodynamic aspects of this drug and its effects on intracranial pressure are compared with sodium nitroprusside.(More)
BACKGROUND Craniopharyngiomas are epithelial tumors of the suprasellar region, unanimously defined as benign. Despite the benign histological aspect and apparent gross total resection achieved in a proportion of cases, recurrence rate remains about 30% at 10 years. The role of 7 pathological factors as predictors of recurrence and clinical outcome in(More)