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This paper describes a new DC modeling methodology applicable to CMOS integrated circuits. It is named operating point driven DC formulation because the operating point is specified directly , and the device dimensions W and L are determined out of it. With other methods, one specifies the device dimensions W and L and determines the operating point. Our(More)
The task of a topology selector within an analog synthesis system is to find the best available analog circuit topology out of a library for a given set of input specification. The proposed selection method consists of a combination of two approaches: procedural filtering and rule-based filtering. The procedural filtering consists of two consecutive phases(More)
This paper describes a new modeling methodology that allows to derive systematically behavioral signal path models of operational amplifiers. Combined with symbolic simulation, these models provide high qualitative insight in the small-signal functioning of a circuit. The behavioral signal path model provides compact interpretable expressions for the poles(More)
The complete application of a hierarchical top-down design methodology to analog sensor interface front-ends is presented: from system-level specifications down to implementation in silicon, including high-level synthesis, analog block generation and layout generation. A new approach for implementing accurate and fast power/area estimators for the different(More)
—Designing an analog integrated circuit requires multiple forms of constraints. One has equalities describing circuit behavior, both DC and AC. When used in a design plan applied for optimization-based sizing, it is important that the number of analytical operations required to obtain a quantitative measure is minimal. Therefore, simplification of the(More)
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