Franck Rondepierre

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This paper deals with the protection of elliptic curve scalar multiplications against side-channel analysis by using the atomicity principle. Unlike other atomic patterns, we investigate new formulae with same cost for both doubling and addition. This choice is particularly well suited to evaluate double scalar multiplications with the Straus-Shamir trick.(More)
As any algorithm manipulating secret data, HMAC is potentially vulnerable to side channel attacks. In 2007, McEvoy et al. proposed a differential power analysis attack against HMAC instantiated with hash functions from the SHA-2 family. Their attack works in the Hamming distance leakage model and makes strong assumptions on the target implementation. In(More)
Because pairings have many applications, many hardware and software pairing implementations can be found in the literature. However, the parameters generally used have been invalidated by the recent results on the discrete logarithm problem over pairing friendly elliptic curves (Kim and Barbulescu in CRYPTO 2016, volume 9814 of lecture notes in computer(More)
Many hardware and software pairing implementations can be found in the literature and some pairing friendly parameters are given. However , depending on the situation, it could be useful to generate other nice parameters (e.g. resistance to subgroup attacks, larger security levels, database of pairing friendly curves). The main purpose of this paper is to(More)
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