Franck Engel

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BACKGROUND It has been suggested that the incidence of thin melanomas but not of thick tumours is rising in fair-skinned populations, although the reason for this discrepancy is not understood. OBJECTIVES To describe temporal trends in melanoma epidemiology in a limited part of France in order to confirm this observation and to provide an explanation. (More)
In order to create and evaluate a model sensitive to QT-dependent proarrhythmic effects of drugs, a long QT syndrome was produced in chronically instrumented dogs with bradycardia and hypokalemia. Bradycardia (mean cycle length: 1495 +/- 78 msec) was provided by permanent atrioventricular block and hypokalemia (K+ = 2.6 +/- 0.05 mmol/l) by high doses of(More)
An experimental model of the long QT syndrome has been developed in conscious dogs. This report discusses the methods used in its preparation and the strengths and weaknesses of the model. This new model is suitable for screening the bradycardia-dependent proarrhythmic effects of drugs and for studying the electrophysiology of "torsades de pointes."(More)
The pharmacokinetics of a single i. v. dose of dlbisoprolol 0.16 mg·kg−1 ideal body weight has been studied in 8 obese women (mean weight 91 kg; 161% of ideal body weight) and 8 non-obese women (51 kg; 94% of ideal body weight). Compared to the controls, the obese subjects showed an increase in the total apparent volume of distribution (Vz) (182 vs 135 1)(More)
INTRODUCTION Many cutaneous complications have been reported in patients treated with cyclosporine. Alterations of the pilosebaceous follicle are particularly frequent. Hypertrichosis, follicular keratosis, acne and folliculitis are very common. Nevertheless, the occurrence of sebaceous hyperplasia is exceptional. OBSERVATION A 27 year-old man consulted(More)
BACKGROUND Leukocytoclastic vasculitis following Parvovirus B19 primary infection has occasionally been reported in children but it occurs rarely in adults. We present an original case report with severe renal complications. PATIENTS AND METHODS A 33-year-old man presented with fever and eruption of the abdomen and members. Papules and vesiculopustules(More)
MOT CLÉ Tumeur carcinoide A 55-year-old woman with a history of proven carcinoid syndrome due to an enterochromaffin ileal tumour was evaluated with transthoracic echocardiography for dyspnoea on exertion. The patient had flushing and severe diarrhoea. Urinary excretion of 5hydroxyindoleacetic acid was 250mmol/L per 24 hours. Treatment with a somatostatin(More)
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