Franck Bouteille

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In this paper, we present a new approach for adaptive echo cancellation: Pseudo Affine projection algorithm. From the original update equation of the filter coefficients of the Affine Projection algorithms, which are based on multiple dimension projection of the input signal vector, we derive a simplified solution under some realistic hypothesis. We show(More)
The normalized LMS (NLMS) algorithm has been successfully used in many system identification problems. However, the NLMS algorithm is known to exhibit low convergence speed especially when the input data covariance matrix is ill-conditioned. In this paper, we consider a sub-optimal implementation of the affine projection (AP) algorithm based on a(More)
A screen-printed (SP) microarray is presented as a platform for the achievement of multiparametric biochips. The SP platform is composed of eight (0.28-mm(2)) working electrodes modified with electroaddressed protein A-aryl diazonium adducts. The electrode surfaces are then used as an affinity immobilisation support for the orientated binding of capture(More)
In packet switched networks (case of IP networks) no minimal threshold on rate is offered for the transport of packets. The available bandwidth depends on conditions of the traffic on the network (best effort strategy). In VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) audio packets must be continuously played. When packets are lost or have arrived too late it gives(More)
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