Franck Bodin

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This paper investigates the applicability of iterative search techniques in program optimisation. Iterative compilation is usually considered too expensive for general purpose computing but is applicable to embedded applications where the cost is easily amortised over the number of embedded systems produced. This paper presents a case study, where an(More)
In order to minimize code size overhead on VLIW ar-chitectures, compilers for embedded processors have to pay higher attention on code optimization than on compilation time. Thus, the rst demand on compiler for embedded processors consists in spending instruction memory space for optimization only if the associated performance improvement justiies it. In(More)
Many media processors 28, 7, 14, 8, 18, 27], used for computing intensive embedded applications, are VLIW architectures that rely on the compiler to exploit Instruction Level Parallelism. Loop unrolling is generally used to expose instruction parallelism but computing the unrolling factor is very diicult as instruction cache misses and spill code can cancel(More)
Shared virtual memory (svm) is a software abstraction of shared memory for parallel architectures which have no hardware support for shared memory. In this paper, we describe a programming environment for the Paragon XP/S based on shared virtual memory. This environment is constituted of a runtime (myoan) which implements the shared memory abstraction, a(More)
1 Introduction High performance architectures are now widely available. They are characterized by the use of fast microprocessors and they are moderately parallel with a shared memory (for instance the SGI Power Challenge). Reaching good performance on these machines requires to make good usage of the parallelism and of cache memories. Porting Fortran codes(More)