Franck Berger

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BACKGROUND Congenital toxoplasmosis may affect any organ, produce severe complications such as hydrocephalus and lead to ocular lesions which can appear late after birth. Fetal outcome can be fatal. During pregnancy, the mother can become infected, particularly by eating undercooked meat or poorly washed raw fruits and vegetables. In France, prevention of(More)
According to entomological studies conducted over the past 30 years, there was low malaria transmission in suburb of Dakar but little evidence of it in the downtown area. However; there was some evidence of local transmission based on reports of malaria among permanent residents. An entomological evaluation of malaria transmission was conducted from May(More)
A three-year retrospective analysis of fungi isolated from specimens of patients with superficial fungal infections in French Guiana is presented. Clinical samples from 726 patients with presumptive diagnoses of onychomycosis (28.2% of the patients), tinea capitis (27.8%), superficial cutaneous mycoses of the feet (22.0%), and of other areas of the body(More)
BACKGROUND Care for malaria patients in endemic areas has been improved through the increasing use of Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs). Most RDTs target the histidine-rich protein-2 antigen (PfHRP2) to detect P. falciparum, as it is abundant and shows great heat stability. However, their use in South America has been widely questioned following a recent(More)
In this work, design and fabrication of micro-gas-sensors, polymerization and deposition of poly(pyrrole) thin films as sensitive layer for the micro-gas-sensors by electrochemical processing, and characterization of the polymer films by FTIR, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), are reported. The change in(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Cutaneous leishmaniasis is a neglected disease with a high incidence in French Guiana, mainly in the middle and upper Oyapock basin, where Amerindian and some Brazilian people live. The main goals of this work were (i) to assess the knowledge about leishmaniasis in the different populations of the middle and upper Oyapock(More)
Analysis of the evolution of drug target genes under changing drug policy is needed to assist monitoring of Plasmodium falciparum drug resistance in the field. Here we genotype Pfcrt and Pfdmr1 of 700 isolates collected in French Guiana from 2000 (5 years after withdrawal of chloroquine) to 2008, i.e., the period when the artemether-lumefantrine combination(More)
To strengthen active dengue surveillance in Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy, two French Caribbean islands, we evaluated the epidemiological usefulness of collecting blood samples from NS1-positive dengue patients on filter paper to identify the dengue serotypes circulating in these regions during a 27-month period. This approach allowed dengue serotypes(More)
In French Guiana, a French overseas territory located in the South American northern coast, nearly 50% of Salmonella serotypes isolated from human infections belong to serotypes rarely encountered in metropolitan France. A reptilian source of contamination has been investigated. Between April and June 2011, in the area around Cayenne, 151 reptiles were(More)
PURPOSE To compare low-dose protocols using either reduction of the tension (kV) or reduction of the intensity (mAs) at abdominal CT imaging, with reference to image quality. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty adult patients, weighing less than 55 kg, were prospectively included among patients referred for abdominal CT examination when the protocol required a(More)