Franck A. P. Vendeix

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Since its inception in 1994, The RNA Modification Database (RNAMDB, has served as a focal point for information pertaining to naturally occurring RNA modifications. In its current state, the database employs an easy-to-use, searchable interface for obtaining detailed data on the 109 currently known RNA modifications.(More)
Aminoglycosides antibiotics negate dissociation and recycling of the bacterial ribosome's subunits by binding to Helix 69 (H69) of 23S rRNA. The differential binding of various aminoglycosides to the chemically synthesized terminal domains of the Escherichia coli and human H69 has been characterized using spectroscopy, calorimetry and NMR. The unmodified E.(More)
One of the most prevalent base modifications involved in decoding is uridine 5-oxyacetic acid at the wobble position of tRNA. It has been known for several decades that this modification enables a single tRNA to decode all four codons in a degenerate codon box. We have determined structures of an anticodon stem-loop of tRNA Val containing the modified(More)
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