Franciska Könczöl

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The purpose of the present study was to investigate all the drowning-related cases in South-West Hungary between 2008 and 2012. It is a retrospective and descriptive study of 114 drowning-related deaths during that 5-year period. The investigation includes both unintentional and intentional drowning cases. We found that the most considerable risk factor of(More)
A 16-year-old boy undergone on an "anterior release" surgery for severe scoliosis, since fever developed in the postoperative phase, a total dose of 3500 mg paracetamol was given during a 3-day period. Four days after the end of antipyretic medication, the patient became confused and icteric, later unconscious, and within 24 hours died from fulminant(More)
Experiments were performed on glycerol-extracted muscle fibres prepared from psoas muscle of rabbit in the presence of hydroxyl free radical generating system. Short irradiation of spin-labelled muscle fibres by UV light showed the interaction of probe molecules with oxygen free radicals. The intensity of the EPR signal from maleimide or isothiocyanate spin(More)
Shape equations for phospholipid vesicles including a spherical actin cortex are derived<lb>in 2 and 3 spatial dimensions. They arise from the condition of stationarity of the membrane free<lb>energy at fixed area and volume'. Numerical solutions are presented in the 2 dimensional case, while, in<lb>the more involved context of 3 dimensional shapes, the(More)
Proper diagnosis in drowning victims is often difficult due to the lack of signs specific to drowning. The diatom test is a widely used procedure for the diagnosis. Some types of water contain only minimal amounts of diatom cells which may provide false-negative results, while a negative diatom test result does not exclude drowning. In proving drowning, we(More)
Thermal denaturation experiments were extended to study the thermal behaviour of the main motor proteins (actin and myosin) in their native environment in striated muscle fibres. The interaction of actin with myosin in the highly organized muscle structure is affected by internal forces; therefore their altered conformation and interaction may differ from(More)
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