Franciscus J. J. de Kanter

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Kinetics of Lewis base (LB) complexed primary and secondary sigma-alkyllithiums (RLi) with triphenylmethane (TPMH) are reported. RLis in which one or two LB groups (-OMe, -NMe, -NMeR) are part of the molecule form, in benzene, intramolecularly complexed tetramers, for example, 2(4), or dimers, for example, 4(2). They are used as models for their(More)
The terminal phosphinidene complex PhPW(CO)5 adds to the imine bond of PhHC=N-Ph to give 3-membered ring azaphosphiridines, which undergo ring-expansion with an additional imine to yield a set of four isomeric five-membered ring diazaphospholanes. Treatment with the diimines PhHC=N-(CH2)n-N=CHPh (n=2,3,4) results instead-in all three cases-in only a single(More)
anti-W(CO)(5)-complexed 9-methyl-9-phosphabicyclo[6.1.0]nonatriene represents a covalently interlocked molecular bevel gear. Correlated movement of the phosphorus atom and the eight-membered ring by way of a "walk" rearrangement makes gear slippage impossible. The gearing motion is transferred to the four-toothed W(CO)(5) propeller connected to the rotating(More)
The synthesis of highly strained bicyclic phosphirane and phosphirene iron-tetracarbonyl complexes, that is, complexes with 2-aza-1-phosphabicyclo[n.1.0]alkanes and -alkenes (n = 3-5), is explored by using intramolecular cycloaddition of an in situ generated electrophilic phosphinidene complex, [R(iPr)NP=Fe(CO)(4)], to its C=C- and C[triple chemical(More)
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