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New and Noteworthy Venezuelan Glanapterygine Catfishes (Siluriformes, Trichomycteridae), with Discussion of Their Biogeography and Psammophily
The physical characteristics of the sand are described and the suite of morphological specializations for life in interstitial sand that are shared by these species, such as loss or reduction of certain structures and presence in these species of paired metapleural keels along the ventral edges of the abdomen formed by a long ridge of stiffened integument, are reviewed. Expand
Four new species of the suckermouth armored catfish genus Lasiancistrus (Loricariidae: Ancistrinae)
Four undescribed species of a monophyletic group of loricariid catfishes from southern Venezuela were discovered and likely represent aMonophyletics group based on the derived presence of extremely hypertrophied pectoral-fin spine and hypertrophic odontodes along the snout margin in both sexes. Expand
The Lithogeninae (Siluriformes, Loricariidae): Anatomy, Interrelationships, and Description of a New Species
Particular importance are aspects of musculoskeletal anatomy that are hitherto unknown for lithogenines, and aspects of sexual dimorphism and the anatomy of the reproductive and digestive systems that are unique or unusual among loricariid catfishes. Expand
The Genus Henonemus (siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) with a Description of a New Species from Venezuela
Henonemus triacanthopomus, new species, is described from the Orinoco River basin in Venezuela and is distinguished from the other species of the genus by three or asymmetrically four opercular odontodes in specimens longer than 80 mm SL. Expand
Rhamdia Guasarensis (Siluriformes : Heptapteridae), A New Species Of Cave Catfish From The Sierra De Perija, Northwestern Venezuela
Rhamdia guasarensis n. sp. is described from subterranean waters in the Rio Guasare drainage of northwestern Venezuela. The new species is distinguished from congeners by its concave head profile;Expand
Creagrutus hysginus (Teleostei: Characiformes), a New Species of Characid from Northeastern Venezuela, Sucre State
red adipose fin and the presence of dark pigment on only the lateral, unbranched ray of the pectoral fin. Other characters which, in combination, serve to distinguish C. hysginus include the presenceExpand
A new species of the catfish genus Cordylancistrus (Siluriformes, Loricariidae) from the Magdalena River, Tolima, Colombia
The geographic distribution of the species suggest that Andean orogenesis played an important role in the diversification of the group. Expand
New record of Rineloricaria daraha Rapp Py-Daniel & Fichberg, 2008 from Rio Paca, upper Rio Negro, Amazon River basin
The geographic distribution of a catfish of the family Loricariidae, Rineloricaria daraha Rapp Py-Daniel and Fichberg, 2008, which was only known from its type locality within the Rio Daraa, Brazil,Expand