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The activity of 53 antidromically identified abducens motoneurons was analyzed in alert cats during spontaneous and vestibular induced eye movements. Conduction velocities ranged from 13 to 70 m/s and all motoneurons increased their discharge rates with successive eye positions in the abducting direction. Motoneurons were recruited from -19 degrees to +7(More)
Many cognitive abilities involve the integration of information from different modalities, a process referred to as "binding." It remains less clear, however, whether the creation of bound representations occurs in an involuntary manner, and whether the links between the constituent features of an object are symmetrical. We used magnetoencephalography to(More)
Accumulating evidence suggests a role for the medial temporal lobe (MTL) in working memory (WM). However, little is known concerning its functional interactions with other cortical regions in the distributed neural network subserving WM. To reveal these, we availed of subjects with MTL damage and characterized changes in effective connectivity while(More)
Cluster division is a critical issue in fluorescence microscopy-based analytical cytology when preparation protocols do not provide appropriate separation of objects. Overlooking clustered nuclei and analyzing only isolated nuclei may dramatically increase analysis time or affect the statistical validation of the results. Automatic segmentation of clustered(More)
Recovery after brain injury is an excellent platform to study the mechanism underlying brain plasticity, the reorganization of networks. Do complex network measures capture the physiological and cognitive alterations that occurred after a traumatic brain injury and its recovery? Patients as well as control subjects underwent resting-state MEG recording(More)
The activity of 43 antidromically identified abducens internuclear neurons with conduction velocities ranging from 14 to 54 m/s was analyzed in alert cats during spontaneous and vestibular induced eye movements. The discharge rate of internuclear neurons significantly increased with successive adducting positions of the contralateral eye. Slopes of(More)
The effects of peripheral and central VIth nerve axotomy on abducens nucleus synaptic potentials of vestibular origin and the ultrastructure of intracellularly labeled abducens motoneurons were examined in the anesthetized cat. Subsequent experiments explored the activity of identified abducens motoneurons during spontaneous and vestibular induced eye(More)
The evaluation of an automated system for Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) spot counting in interphase nuclei is presented in this paper. Different types of experiments have been performed with samples from known populations. In all of them the goal is to detect mosaicism of chromosome X in leukocytes from mixtures in known proportions of healthy(More)
We investigate how hubs of functional brain networks are modified as a result of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a condition causing a slight but noticeable decline in cognitive abilities, which sometimes precedes the onset of Alzheimer's disease. We used magnetoencephalography (MEG) to investigate the functional brain networks of a group of patients(More)
Purpose / Introduction Fixation-off sensitivity (FOS) denotes the forms of epilepsy elicited by elimination of fixation. FOS-IGE patients are rare cases [1]. In a previous work [2] we showed that two FOS-IGE patients had different altered EEG rhythms when closing eyes; only beta band was altered in patient 1 while theta, alpha and beta were altered in(More)