Francisco de Paula Careta

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To identify novel genes involved in the molecular pathogenesis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) we performed a serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) in CLL cells, and compared this with healthy B cells (nCD19(+)). We found a high level of similarity among CLL subtypes, but a comparison of CLL versus nCD19(+) libraries revealed 55 genes that were(More)
Established cell lines have long been used for in vitro studies of tumor biology, enabling investigators to control growth conditions and to draw important conclusions about the oncogenic microenvironment. However, gene expression behavior in cultured cells may not always reflect the actual in vivo scenario, and analysis derived from such experiments should(More)
Transparent, soft, flexible, mechanically resistant films, which are ideal for use as wound dressings were prepared in the presence of 2% papain, a proteolytic enzyme that can play a role in the chemical debridement of the skin and can accelerate the healing process. The films, based on poly(vinyl alcohol):calcium alginate blends with increasing(More)
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