Francisco de Assis Zampirolli

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Mathematical Morphology is a theory that studies the decomposition of lattice operators in terms of some families of elementary lattice operators. When the lattices considered have a sup-generating family, the elementary operators can be characterized by structuring functions. The representation of structuring functions by neighborhood graphs is a powerful(More)
A oferta de um mesmo curso simultaneamente para milhares de alunos, seja no ensino presencial ou no ensino a distância, requer que sejam adotadas uniformizações a fim de permitir a comparação de desempenho entre turmas e avaliar o sucesso ou não dos processos de ensino-aprendizagem. Este trabalho tem por objetivo apresentar um Evaluation Process (EP)(More)
In the 21st century student-teacher communication in high schools has been increasingly computer-mediated. This brings a strong demand for experienced professionals worldwide, preferably graduated in Information Technology. Until the 19th century the opportunity to attend university courses was a privilege of a few undergraduates, so that the(More)
In Image Processing efficient algorithms are always pursued for applications that use the most advanced hardware architectures. Distance Transform is a classic operation for blurring effects, skeletonizing, segmentation and various other purposes. This article presents two implementations of the Euclidean Distance Transform using CUDA (Compute Unified(More)
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