Francisco de Assis Mollo

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Swallowing is used as a clinical method in prosthodontics to determine and record jaw relationships. The aim of this study was to perform a quantitative evaluation, in naturally dentate subjects and complete denture wearers, of three measurements associated with the mandibular position during the act of swallowing water: 1. intermaxillary distance on(More)
The aim of this paper is to present a complex rehabilitation, of fractured tooth, with implants in anterior region considering the orthodontics extrusion to clinical success. At 7 years old, the patient fractured the maxillary left central incisor and the dentist did a crown with the fragment. Twenty years later, the patient was referred to a dental clinic(More)
When dental implants are malpositioned in relation to the adjacent teeth and alveolar bone or in an excessive buccal or lingual position, the final prosthesis rehabilitation impairs the peri-implant health of the gingival tissues and the aesthetics of the patient. Thus, the purpose of this case was to report and discuss a multidisciplinary protocol for the(More)
This article describes a variation of the split-cast mounting technique wherein the border of the definitive cast is wrapped with masking tape to form a container for the dental plaster normally used to affix the cast to the articulator. The entire inferior surface of the cast is coated with a thin film of petroleum jelly, and the cast is mounted in the(More)
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