Francisco Vivanco

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Surface waves interacting with filamentary vortex offer an interesting tool to characterize static and dynamics of surface vorticity. An experimental study of the scattered wave by a single vortex as well as by a vortex dipole is reported. On a plane wave front, the vortex circulation introduces a spatial phase shift that gives rise to dislocated waves.(More)
We present a numerical study based on the contact dynamic procedure for the size segregation in a two-dimensional vibrating container. In agreement with previous studies, we find that the rising of the larger particle is accompanied by convection rolls. However, at low enough acceleration, rolls do not penetrate the entire cell and a local vault mechanism(More)
Das angegebene Bild wird in quanti tat iver Hinsicht durch neuere Messungen der Wfirmeleitfahigkeit yon Metallverbindungen befriedigend gestiitzt. Weiterhiu linden aueh damit die geringe Beeinflussung yon Kathodellund Anodenfall dutch ver~nderte Kiihlung, dos Umsehlagen eines in einer Wasserstoffatmosph~re brennenden Eisenbogens in die Glimmentladung beim(More)
The Editorial Team at Cardiovascular Research is always interested in exploring trends in the literature and finding out what topics are of current interest in cardiology and vascular biology. One way we do this is to occasionally monitor which articles published in CVR are most often downloaded as full-text papers. With an average of 50,000 requests for(More)
The effects of friction mobilization on the stress profile within a two-dimensional silo are investigated via simulations of discrete elements. Friction mobilization is driven by cyclic vertical displacement of the sidewalls. Two regimes have been observed for small filling height, with stress profiles identified as saturated (Janssen's profile) and(More)
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