Francisco Vaz

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In this paper, a novel technique combining intensity and range data is presented. Passive (intensity based) and active (range based) techniques used for 3D reconstruction have their limitations and separately, none of these techniques can solve all the problems inherent to the modelling of real environments. Our technique aims to demonstrate how both(More)
This paper presents a process combining range and intensity based techniques, in order to get better 3D models than those obtained using these techniques separately. The procedure needs an initial estimation for internal and external camera parameters for two or more intensity images. The technique uses passive triangulation to refine initial camera(More)
In this paper, we present techniques combining intensity and range data to achieve more realistic three-dimensional models from real world scenes. The principal novelty is the use of the intensity information not only for texturing the final 3D model but also to improve the segmentation of the range data. The technique registers video and range, i.e., the(More)
In recent years several initiatives have taken place to promote universal access to the Information and Knowledge Society. It was in this context that in 2004 the Online Knowledge Library (b-on) was launched in Portugal. With it, it became easier to get access to full text international scientific publications. This study aims to present and analyze some(More)
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