Francisco Vagnaldo Fechine-Jamacaru

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PURPOSE To determine the effects of green propolis extracted in L-lysine (WSDP) and of L- lysine for 40 weeks on induced rat bladder carcinogenesis. METHODS The animals (groups I, II, III, IV, V and VI) received BBN during 14 weeks. Group I was treated with propolis 30 days prior received BBN, and then these animals were treated daily with propolis;(More)
PURPOSE To determine the effects of water-soluble derivative of green propolis in bladder cancer angiogenesis in rats given N-butyl-(-4-hydroxybutyl) nitrosamine (BBN). METHODS Nine groups were established, where six of them (Groups 1 to 6), the animals received 0.05% BBN in their drinking water for 14 weeks. From the 32nd to the 40th week, Groups 1, 2, 3(More)
PURPOSE To develop a model to evaluate the effects of focal pulsed ultrasound (US) waves as a source of heat for treatment of murine subcutaneous implanted Walker tumor. METHODS An experimental, controlled, comparative study was conducted. Twenty male Wistar rats (160-300 g) randomized in 2 equal groups (G-1: Control and G-2: Hyperthermia) were inoculated(More)
PURPOSE To establish a model of angiogenesis in rabbit cornea induced by punctual alkaline cauterization. METHODS Six rabbits were submitted to punctual cauterization in right cornea. It was used a circular piece (3 mm) of filter paper, that was previously soaked in 1 M NaOH and placed 1 mm from the superior limbus for 2 minutes. The animals were(More)
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