Francisco Torres

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An optimal Bayesian decision procedure for testing hypothesis in normal linear models based on intrinsic model posterior probabilities is considered. It is proven that these posterior probabilities are simple functions of the classical F-statistic, thus the evaluation of the procedure can be carried out analytically through the frequentist analysis of the(More)
Stochastic models describing growth kinetics are very important for predicting many biological phenomena. In this paper, a new Gompertz-type diffusion process is introduced, by means of which bounded sigmoidal growth patterns can be modeled by time-continuous variables. The main innovation of the process is that the bound can depend on the initial value, a(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the safety and assess the different symptom improvements found after a combined low-frequency primary motor cortex and high-frequency prefrontal cortex (PFC) stimulation using the deep TMS (dTMS) H-coil, as an add-on treatment for Parkinson's disease (PD). METHODS Forty-five PD patients underwent 14 dTMS sessions; each consisting of(More)
Cutting analysis is a important and crucial task task to detect and prevent problems during the petroleum well drilling process. Several studies have been developed for drilling inspection, but none of them takes care about analysing the generated cutting at the vibrating shale shakers. Here we proposed a system to analyse the cutting's concentration at the(More)
Petroleum well drilling monitoring has become an important tool for detecting and preventing problems during the well drilling process. In this paper, we propose to assist the drilling process by analyzing the cutting images at the vibrating shake shaker, in which different concentrations of cuttings can indicate possible problems, such as the collapse of(More)
In this paper, the structural, sensor, and actuator mathematical models of a transelevator are presented; after, the mathematical model with sensor and actuator of the transelevator is obtained by using the combination of the above mentioned mathematical models. The proposed mathematical model is validated comparing the simulation results against the(More)
A natural semantic network (NSN) represents the knowledge of a group of persons with respect to a particular topic. NSN comparison would allow to discover how close one group is to the other in terms of expertise in the topic— for example, how close apprentices are to experts or students to teachers. We propose to conceive natural semantic networks as(More)
Automatic inspection of petroleum well drilling has became paramount in the last years, mainly because of the crucial importance of saving time and operations during the drilling process in order to avoid some problems, such as the collapse of the well borehole walls. In this paper, we extended another work by proposing a fast petroleum well drilling(More)