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CONTEXT Strategies for prevention of depression are hindered by lack of evidence about the combined predictive effect of known risk factors. OBJECTIVES To develop a risk algorithm for onset of major depression. DESIGN Cohort of adult general practice attendees followed up at 6 and 12 months. We measured 39 known risk factors to construct a risk model(More)
BACKGROUND There is evidence that the prevalence of common mental disorders varies across Europe. AIMS To compare prevalence of common mental disorders in general practice attendees in six European countries. METHOD Unselected attendees to general practices in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Estonia and The Netherlands were assessed for major(More)
BACKGROUND Factors associated with depression are usually identified from cross-sectional studies. AIMS We explore the relative roles of onset and recovery in determining these associations. METHOD Hazard ratios for onset and recovery were estimated for 39 risk factors from a cohort study of 10,045 general practice attendees whose depression status was(More)
Previous reports and meta-analyses have yielded inconclusive results as to whether the s/s genotype at the 5-HTTLPR serotonin transporter polymorphism confers increased risk for depression. We tested the association between s/s genotype and depression in a large cohort (n = 737) of Spanish primary care consecutive attendees participating in a European study(More)
Previous national research has shown significant variation in several aspects of coercive treatment measures in psychiatry. The EUNOMIA project, an international study funded by the European Commission, aims to assess the clinical practice of these measures and their outcomes. Its naturalistic and epidemiological design is being implemented at 13 centres in(More)
BACKGROUND There are no risk models for the prediction of anxiety that may help in prevention. We aimed to develop a risk algorithm for the onset of generalized anxiety and panic syndromes. METHOD Family practice attendees were recruited between April 2003 and February 2005 and followed over 24 months in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Slovenia (Europe4(More)
BACKGROUND The List of Threatening Experiences (LTE) questionnaire is frequently used to assess stressful events; however, studies of its psychometric properties are scarce. We examined the LTE's reliability, factorial structure, construct validity and explored the association between LTE scores and psychosocial variables and mental disorders. METHOD This(More)
We report results from the PREDICT-Gene case-control study nested in a prospective cohort designed to identify predictors of the onset of depression among adult primary-care attendees. We tested the potential gene-by-environment interaction between 5HTTLPR genotype at the serotonin transporter gene and previous exposure to threatening life events (TLEs) in(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of the paper is to describe the impact of Spanish psychiatric reform on the organization and functioning of mental health services. METHOD This paper is based on official administrative reports and on relevant related publications. RESULTS The most significant achievements of Spanish psychiatric reform have been: (i) the(More)
BACKGROUND Prevention of depression must address multiple risk factors. Estimating overall risk across a range of putative risk factors is fundamental to prevention of depression. However, we lack reliable and valid methods of risk estimation. This protocol paper introduces PREDICT, an international research study to address this risk estimation. (More)