Francisco Sosa

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We dedicate this article to the memory of Sergio de Freitas, FCAV-UNESP, Jaboticabal, São Paulo, Brazil (deceased, 2012). He was an active and enthusiastic Neuropterist and the cherished mentor and friend of Francisco Sosa. Leucochrysa McLachlan is the largest genus in the Chrysopidae, yet it has received relatively little taxonomic attention. We treat two(More)
The monotypic leucochrysine genus Nuvol was previously known from three specimens of Nuvol umbrosus Navás, collected in the Atlantic Forest region of Brazil. For many years these specimens have been missing, and the genus has remained without a modern description. Here, the species is redescribed based on two newly discovered specimens (females) from the(More)
Although most mobile robotic systems use a single robot that only operates in its environment, a number of researchers have considered the advantages and disadvantages of the potential use of a group of robots that cooperate for the accomplishment of a required task. This paper presents a method to explore an unknown environment by multi-agent robots, which(More)
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