Francisco Sierra

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Our aim was to estimate the prevalence of medicine-related problems, understood as negative clinical outcomes, that result in hospital emergency department (ED) visits and to establish relationships among risk factors and the appearance of pharmacotherapy negative outcomes. Methods A stratified two-stage probabilistic sampling approach was used which(More)
We have constructed a cDNA library from senescent (24-month-old) rat liver mRNA and, by differential screening, have selected clones corresponding to mRNA species with increased abundance in aging rats. Direct sequencing of the inserts indicated that most of the clones (9 of 10) contained sequences coding for T-kininogen, also called major acute-phase(More)
When used in an in vitro transcription assay, the promoter of a cloned alpha 2u globulin gene is much more active in liver than in spleen nuclear extracts. Promoter deletion experiments suggest that both positive and negative regulatory mechanisms may be involved in the differential in vitro transcription from the alpha 2u globulin promoter in these two(More)
We have reported an accumulation of T-kininogen mRNA in the liver of aging Sprague-Dawley rats. T-kininogen is a cysteine proteinase inhibitor. Since a disruption of the intracellular protein degradation machinery is known to occur during senescence, we wished to further define the role of this protein in the aging process. As a first step, we have measured(More)
We have previously reported an increase in T-kininogen mRNA levels in the liver of ageing Sprague-Dawley rats. T-Kininogen functions both as a precursor to the vasoactive peptide T-kinin, and as a potent and specific inhibitor of cysteine proteinases. Under normal physiological conditions, the majority of cysteine proteinases are found intracellularly and(More)
We have previously reported on the isolation of several differentially expressed genes derived from young and senescent non growing WI-38 human fetal lung-derived fibroblasts. A 0.8-kb cDNA clone, isolate EPC-A2 (early population doubling cDNA-A2), encodes the 3' end of the human homolog of the Twist protein. Twist genes encode basic helix-loop-helix(More)
By using synthetic protease inhibitors, several investigators have demonstrated that cysteine proteinases are required for cell proliferation. Kininogens are potent and specific physiological inhibitors of cysteine proteinases. We have used several mouse fibroblast-derived cell lines that express biologically active T-kininogen under the control of the(More)
We have identified a 60-kDa cysteine protease that is associated with chromatin in sea urchin zygotes. This enzyme was found to be present as a proenzyme in unfertilized eggs and was activated shortly after fertilization. At a pH of 7.8-8.0, found after fertilization, the enzyme degraded the five sperm-specific histones (SpH), while the native(More)