Francisco Santos

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Any configuration of lattice vectors gives rise to a hierarchy of higher-dimensional configurations which generalize the Lawrence construction in geometric combinatorics. We prove finiteness results for the Markov bases, Graver bases and facet posets of these configurations, and we discuss applications to the statistical theory of log-linear models.
The Hirsch Conjecture (1957) stated that the graph of a d-dimensional polytope with n facets cannot have (combinatorial) diameter greater than n− d. That is, that any two vertices of the polytope can be connected by a path of at most n− d edges. This paper presents the first counterexample to the conjecture. Our polytope has dimension 43 and 86 facets. It(More)
Pointed pseudo-triangulations are planar minimally rigid graphs embedded in the plane with <i>pointed</i> vertices (incident to an angle larger than <i>p</i>). In this paper we prove that the opposite statement is also true, namely that planar minimally rigid graphs always admit pointed embeddings, even under certain natural topological and combinatorial(More)
We introduce the polytope of pointed pseudo-triangulations of a point set in the plane, defined as the polytope of infinitesimal expansive motions of the points subject to certain constraints on the increase of their distances. Its 1-skeleton is the graph whose vertices are the pointed pseudo-triangulations of the point set and whose edges are flips of(More)
We consider the concept of triangulation of an oriented matroid. We provide a de nition which generalizes the previous ones by Billera{ Munson and by Anderson and which specializes to the usual notion of triangulation (or simplicial fan) in the realizable case. Then we study the relation existing between triangulations of an oriented matroidM and extensions(More)