Francisco Sahli Costabal

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The Purkinje network is an integral part of the excitation system in the human heart. Yet, to date, there is no in vivo imaging technique to accurately reconstruct its geometry and structure. Computational modeling of the Purkinje network is increasingly recognized as an alternative strategy to visualize, simulate, and understand the role of the Purkinje(More)
Highlights • Modeling cardiac electromechanics is critical to predict mechanisms of heart failure. • Many common models neglect the effects of mechano-electrical feedback and inertia. • We show that conduction velocities and wave dynamics are sensitive to these effects. • Mechano-electrical feedback and inertia initiate secondary waves and shift(More)
Disappointing results of pharmacological therapy in many patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) 1 have motivated efforts to develop device therapy for this complex electrical disorder. Such devices have focused on mechanisms including ablation of tissue harboring triggers or substrates, mechanical devitalization of the left atrial appendage to provide(More)
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