Francisco Saborido-Rey

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There is accumulating evidence to suggest that spawning stock biomass (SSB) may not be directly proportional to reproductive potential. The wide-ranging implications of this conclusion necessitate that it be tested for as many stocks as possible. Undertaking such tests is complicated by the fact that fish stocks vary in the amount and type of information(More)
Myctophids play a key role in the transfer of energy in pelagic food webs, linking zooplankton to higher trophic levels. Data are presented, for the first time for the glacier lanternfish (Benthosema glaciale), on maturity ogives, size-at-maturity and reproductive strategy in terms of ovarian organization and fecundity type in two contrasting environments:(More)
This study evaluated potential differences in morphology of unextruded larvae from Sebastes mentella and Sebastes norvegicus in Icelandic waters. Fifty-four larvae of each species were measured, and 18 measurements were recorded for each specimen (morphometric, meristic and pigmentation patterns). Pre-extrusion larvae of S. norvegicus were longer than those(More)
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