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The current Internet architecture does not properly handle multi-homed hosts, since each interface of a multi-connected end-host terminal generally appears as a completely different node. The lack of transparency about the multi-homing degree of end-hosts brings even more problems when those hosts are mobile. On the one hand, in our view the combined use of(More)
This paper describes the implementation of a prototype text editor that incorporates conversation-like features through the direct-manipulation modality. In this way, traditional direct-manipulation interaction techniques such as direct reference via pointing can be extended to include techniques more commonly associated with human conversation, such as(More)
This paper aims at imaging the dynamics of metabolic activity of cells. Using dynamic optical coherence tomography, we introduce a new multi-particle dynamical model to simulate the movements of the collagen and the cell metabolic activity and develop an efficient signal separation technique for sub-cellular imaging. We perform a singular-value(More)
Therapist language plays a critical role in influencing the overall quality of psychotherapy. Notably, it is a major contributor to the perceived level of empathy expressed by therapists, a primary measure for judging their efficacy. We explore psycholinguistics inspired features for predicting therapist empathy. These features model language which conveys(More)
We propose a computational methodology for automatically estimating human behavioral patterns using the multiple instance learning (MIL) paradigm. We describe the incremental diverse density algorithm, a particular formulation of multiple instance learning, and discuss its suitability for behavioral coding. We use a rich multi-modal corpus comprised of(More)
This paper provides a mathematical analysis of ultrafast ultrasound imaging. This newly emerging modality for biomedical imaging uses plane waves instead of focused waves in order to achieve very high frame rates. We derive the point spread function of the system in the Born approximation for wave propagation and study its properties. We consider dynamic(More)
SCKAFO, stance-control knee-ankle-foot orthosis, is a type of orthosis that permits free knee motion during swing while resisting knee flexion during stance, supporting thereby the limb during weight bearing. This orthosis specially assists patients who have incomplete spinal cord injury and allows them to walk with the aid of canes or crutches, maintaining(More)
Rhabdomyolysis may be secondary to trauma, excessive muscle activity, hereditary muscle enzyme defects and other medical causes. Primary hyperaldosteronism is characterised by hypertension, hypokalemia, suppressed plasma renin activity, and increased aldosterone excretion. Rhabdomyolysis is not common in primary hyperaldosteronism. We report here a(More)
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