Francisco Rodriguez

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This work presents the implementation of a 3D reconstruction system capable of reconstructing a 360-degree scene with a single acquisition using a projection of patterns. The system is formed by two modules: the first module is a CCD camera with a parabolic mirror that allows the acquisition of catadioptric images. The second module consists of a light(More)
This paper aims to describe the benefits and business case behind the development of SAM, a federated media distribution platform based on the following three pillars: 2<sup>nd</sup> Screen (Multi-device consumption), Content Syndication (Digital Marketing) and Social Media by combining the three aspects in a single platform that facilitates new business(More)
Integer time series are often subject to constraints on the aggregation of the features of all occurrences of some pattern within the series. For example, the number of inflexions may be constrained, or the sum of the peak maxima, or the minimum of the valley widths. Many time-series constraints can be described by transducers. The output alphabet of such a(More)
This paper presents an empirical test of a subclass of poverty traps hypotheses. The test is based on the observation that the nonconvexities in the production function necessary to generate multiple equilibria need only be present in the region between the equilibria. Increasing returns should therefore be strongest when the economy is transitioning(More)
A procedure for automobile detection on 3D point clouds of urban areas is presented in this work. Point clouds are obtained using an HDL-64E Velodyne LIDAR. The work is divided into two sections: Segmentation, in which the base plane (floor) and its perpendicular planes are extracted using Hough's technique. Next every other object is segmented using(More)
Document engineering is the automatic or semiautomatic process that assists a documental department of a company in the gathering, storing, retrieving and generation of articles and documents, and also in the distribution of these documents. A web-based multi-agent system was chosen as the best approach to build such a system, providing a flexible and(More)
Fundación Hullera Vasco-Leonesa is a company with a documental department responsible for managing the bibliographic information the company uses. That department manually elaborates and distributes periodic documents (press bulletins, environmental dossiers, etc). This paper describes an intelligent multiagent system as a way to solve the work handled by(More)
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