Francisco Prieto

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The use of a laser range sensor in the 3D part digitalization process for inspection tasks allows very signiicant improvement in acquisition speed and in 3D measurement points density but does not equal the accuracy obtained with a coordinate measuring machine CMM. Inspection consists in verifying the accuracy of a part related to a given set of tolerances.(More)
Registration is a fundamental stage in the 3D reconstruction process, which is used to match two or more images that can be taken in different moments, from different sensors, or from different viewpoints. Genetic algorithms have been applied to the registration of images, because of their ability to solve problems of optimization. In this paper, a(More)
This paper presents a novel implementation of active contour model for fast extraction in image interpretation called fast active contours for sampling (FACS). The described process is based on the use of a sampling window in the phase of minimization of the energy. The method can be combined with most of the other active contour approaches presented,(More)
Transmitting video images across Internet implicates, a quality of image, by one side and, small time to refresh the reception without increase the bandwidth by the other side. We can manipulate encoding images to adequate to the specific request/response format for XML Web Services over HTTP. We consider transmission sequences images consecutively for(More)
Object-Oriented Database Management Systems (OODBMSs) were primarily motivated by new kinds of applications for which the Object-Oriented model was better suited for the semantics of the data to be stored. These systems have a common feature: using the OO model and integration with existing (persistent) languages [1]. Now "classic" examples of these systems(More)
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