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To assess the risk of HGV mother-to-infant transmission and the clinical outcome of infected babies, we investigated 103 mother-infant couples and followed-up the infected children for 4-72 months. Twenty (19.4%) mothers were HGV-RNA positive and transmission occurred in ten (50%) babies; only one child acquired HGV and HCV infection. Maternal factors, such(More)
This work presents iTAOS, a graphical computational tool to support user’s task description in UI (User Interface) design context. iTAOS is destined to help UI designers (iTAOS users) to describe user’s task using TAOS (Task and Action Oriented System), granting the coherence and completeness of that description. Palavras Chaves Modelagem da tarefa,(More)
  • F Petronio
  • Giornale italiano di medicina del lavoro
  • 1983
The severity rate of industrial accidents is calculated so as to make possible their statistical processing. The application to the case of a mechanical plant is presented in order to estimate the severity of the industrial accident risk. Such risk increases with the age of the accident victims, with great climatic changes, with the passing of non-stop(More)
  • F Petronio
  • Giornale italiano di medicina del lavoro
  • 1985
The Index of work accidents, defined as the product of frequency rate by severity rate, is calculated so as to estimate statistically the damage caused to a mechanical plant in six years time. The damage caused by work accidents is maximum for INAIL insurance reported accidents, regarding contusions to upper limbs, caused by hits, in the production dept.(More)
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