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2Ricardo Toshio Fujiwara
2Daniella Castanheira Bartholomeu
1Luíza Carvalho Mourão
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  • Lilian Lacerda Bueno, Francisco Pereira Lobo, Cristiane Guimarães Morais, Luíza Carvalho Mourão, Ricardo Andrez Machado de Ávila, Irene Silva Soares +6 others
  • 2011
Apical membrane antigen 1 (AMA-1) is considered to be a major candidate antigen for a malaria vaccine. Previous immunoepidemiological studies of naturally acquired immunity to Plasmodium vivax AMA-1 (PvAMA-1) have shown a higher prevalence of specific antibodies to domain II (DII) of AMA-1. In the present study, we confirmed that specific antibody responses(More)
BACKGROUND Trypanosoma cruzi is the etiological agent of Chagas disease, a debilitating illness that affects millions of people in the Americas. A major finding of the T. cruzi genome project was the discovery of a novel multigene family composed of approximately 1,300 genes that encode mucin-associated surface proteins (MASPs). The high level of(More)
The Gene Ontology (GO) database annotates a large number of genes according to their functions (the biological processes, molecular functions and cellular components in which they are involved). However, it is far from complete, and so there is a need for techniques that automatically assign GO functional categories to genes based on integration of(More)
  • Eric Roberto Guimarães Rocha Aguiar, Roenick Proveti Olmo, Simona Paro, Flavia Viana Ferreira, Isaque João da Silva de Faria, Yaovi Mathias Honore Todjro +6 others
  • 2015
Virus surveillance in vector insects is potentially of great benefit to public health. Large-scale sequencing of small and long RNAs has previously been used to detect viruses, but without any formal comparison of different strategies. Furthermore, the identification of viral sequences largely depends on similarity searches against reference databases.(More)
  • Fabiana Aparecida Rodrigues, Renata Fuganti-Pagliarini, Juliana Marcolino-Gomes, Thiago Jonas Nakayama, Hugo Bruno Correa Molinari, Francisco Pereira Lobo +2 others
  • 2015
Since drought can seriously affect plant growth and development and little is known about how the oscillations of gene expression during the drought stress-acclimation response in soybean is affected, we applied Illumina technology to sequence 36 cDNA libraries synthesized from control and drought-stressed soybean plants to verify the dynamic changes in(More)
Arboviruses (arthropod borne viruses) have life cycles that include both vertebrate and invertebrate hosts with substantial differences in vector and host specificity between different viruses. Most arboviruses utilize RNA for their genetic material and are completely dependent on host tRNAs for their translation, suggesting that virus codon usage could be(More)
A mainstream procedure to analyze the wealth of genomic data available nowadays is the detection of homologous regions shared across genomes, followed by the extraction of biological information from the patterns of conservation and variation observed in such regions. Although of pivotal importance, comparative genomic procedures that rely on homology(More)
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