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CD-1 mice inhaled 0.01 M lead acetate, 0.006 M cadmium chloride or Pb-Cd mixture during 1h twice a week during 4 weeks. Testes were processed for transmission electron microscopic analysis. The percentage of damaged mitochondria was related to exposure time and the type of metal inhaled, noticing more damage when the mixture was administered. A dose-time(More)
The content of NADH and NADPH was measured in the intact and regenerating rat liver. In the intact rat liver, the content of NAD+, NADH, NADP+ and NADPH was 235 +/- 6.4, 66.6 +/- 4.3, 73.3 +/- 2.5 and 148.0 +/- 4.6 micrograms/g crude liver weight, respectively. Seasonal alterations in the rat liver content of coenzymes were established. No changes were(More)
The liver regenerating after partial hepatectomy can be regarded as a model for use in studying the metabolic processes and regulatory mechanisms that lie at the basis of cell differentiation, growth, and division. Radical changes in metabolism take place in the regenerating liver within a few hours after the operation [ii]. A characteristic feature of this(More)
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