Francisco Palau

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OBJECTIVES (1) To assess whether home blood pressure measurement is a reliable alternative to ambulatory blood pressure monitoring for the evaluation of treated patients with inadequate blood pressure control at the clinic; and (2) to evaluate the relationship between home blood pressure and several target-organ damage markers. BASIC METHODS A(More)
Myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1), an autosomal dominant disease characterized by a CTG expansion in the 3' region of the DMPK gene in chromosome 19, is a highly heterogeneous disease. In this study, we present a family with early onset-classical type DM, and a homogeneous phenotype highlighted by severe neuromuscular symptoms and mental dysfunction with(More)
In many control applications, the sensor technology used for the measurement of the variable to be controlled is not able to maintain a restricted sampling period. In this context, the assumption of regular and uniform sampling pattern is questionable. Moreover, if the control action updating can be faster than the output measurement frequency in order to(More)
Small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) are trans‐acting factors involved in maturation of rRNA and have been classified into Box C/D and Box H/ACA families. Most of the snoRNAs occur as ribonucleoprotein complexes with snoRNA‐associated proteins (snoRNPs). All Box C/D snoRNAs in yeast form complexes with Nop1p, Nop56p and Nop58p. Similarly, it has been reported(More)
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