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This paper presents an application of diverse soft-computing techniques to adaptive traffic light controls. The proposed methodology consists of two main phases: off-line and on-line. First, clustering techniques and optimization methods are used at the off-line stage to discover the prototypes which characterize the traffic mobility patterns at an(More)
Systematic literature reviews (SLRs) have been gaining a significant amount of attention from Software Engineering researchers since 2004. SLRs are considered to be a new research methodology in Software Engineering, which allow evidence to be gathered with regard to the usefulness or effectiveness of the technology proposed in Software Engineering for the(More)
The quality of class diagrams is critical because it has a great influence on the quality of the object oriented information system (OOIS) which are finally delivered. This fact motivated us to define a set of measures for evaluating the structural complexity (an internal quality attribute) of class diagrams made using the Unified Modeling Language (UML),(More)